Hello World! My name is Francesco Ligorio, I'm a UX Design Manager.
I work to create great products, designed to change people's lives.


My Design mantra is simple: "Do great things; something people love”.

Because "Design is how it works" simplicity is paramount. Remove, and remove again what is not essential. Keep it simple and consistent, in that way you can not fail.

Design for a Vision. Technology, strategy and Design of a product can change over time, its Vision won't. That's what makes a product, your product.

Develop a design that works not only today, but for years to come. As I call it: "Future-Ready" Design.


My professional experience started in 2006, working freelance for both agencies and clients directly. Freelancing is a great school; in 8 years I have had the chance to work on many different projects and touch a wide range of industries. It has allowed me to developed a large set of skills, building strong and durable relationships with individuals, teams, agencies and clients alike.

In 2014 I moved to the UK with the intent to work full-time for a tech company. This decision was driven by the need as a Designer to be more long-term focused on specific projects and to have deeper and more intimate involvement with products during their entire life cycles.

I am currently working at Mimecast as UX Design Manager. I am responsible for the User Experience of our 'state of the art' cloud-based web security, email archiving and continuity platform.


With curiosity comes questions and with those questions come answers through observation, research, and testing.

Empathizing with users leads to a genuine understanding of how to solve their problem and ultimately building better products.

People with passion look for ways to make things happen.

Hire the right people
Build trust
Agile Methodologies
Problem definition, Work with constraints, Product vision
Design Systems
Information Architecture, User Journey, User Interaction, Sketching, Wireframes, Prototyping
Responsive Web Design, iOS, Android